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On the Trail of Science, Led by the Trailblazers

I’d never heard someone pour their heart out into a highly scientific lecture, but these researchers blew me away with their passion and dedication to their projects.”

—Undergraduate Andrea Lehn, speaking to the University Honors Program Blog for a recent post about the new course “Science and Medicine: a Priceless Journey,” taught by Nobel laureate and GW professor Ferid Murad and a parade guests, including others from the Nobel ranks.

We had an opportunity to talk with Dr. Murad last year, just as he was transitioning to GW. Check out the article in the Spring 2011 GW Magazine for the scoop on his prize-winning work with the former no-goodnik molecule nitric oxide, and his plans for grooming future laureates at GW.

A Hero’s Welcome

The view from a GW residence hall as the shuttle Discovery coasted by on a 747.
(Photo by Jessica McConnell Burt)

We see a lot of planes here on campus. A lot. Not many of them have space shuttles strapped to their backs, though.

And while, true, this post doesn’t have much to do with GW space research (like this or this), it was such an awe-inspiring campus moment to see this stalwart space traveler pass by—and so nicely captured by university photographers Jessica McConnell Burt and William Atkins—that it couldn’t go unmentioned here.

The space shuttle Discovery today made its way from Florida to Virginia, where ultimately it will reside at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center. Around town necks craned upward from the street and from the building tops where people were perched. Others, including your friendly blogger here, stood mouths agape and pointing as Discovery was escorted into view by a 747 during a routine 10 a.m. staff meeting—a meeting that, going in, seemed certain to block the sight of this spectacle.

Even from a third-floor window in Foggy Bottom, this was no amorphous dab of cotton atop a distant jet. It was plainly clear to the eye, gritty and huge. As NASA’s most-traveled shuttle, Discovery flew more than 148 million miles during 39 missions into space.
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A Spending Boost and a Rankings Bump


The university’s ranking, up from 133, among the nation’s top colleges and universities in terms of funding spent on research and development projects, according to new data from the National Science Foundation. GW’s research expenditures nearly doubled in fiscal year 2010 over the previous year. For more, see the full story in GW Today.